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Hello gorgeous hairdressing 350 Battersea park road Battersea London SW11 3BY UK

Hello Gorgeous Hairdressing

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As new information show that 1 in 3 children in the UK will suffer with head lice at some time during the year. Hello Gorgeous Hairdressing is providing a new service to help families combat this problem.

We provide the service within the salon, were we will make the salon exclusive to the client, or @ home for busy working parents.                         


 £50 per client within the salon.


£25 will be added per visit @ home.

Minimum 4 persons Maximum 8 for home service.

We can offer home treatments @ weekend for £50 per visit add to your total bill.

As the weekend is our busiest time unfortunately we cannot provide this service in the salon.

The service will consist of two visits, the first visit will be the removal and treatment of the hair. The second visit, will consist of a head check and secondary treatment if needed .

We will also provide a prevention spray which is made of all natural products within the salon for use in between visits.


Head lice are tiny wingless insects that live in human hair.They are common, particularly in children.Head lice are grey-brown in colour, the size of a pinhead when hatched and of a sesame seed when fully grown.They cannot fly, jump or swim and are spread by head-to-head contact, climbing from the hair of an infected person to the hair of someone else.A head lice infestation is not the result of dirty hair or poor hygiene.Head lice can affect all types of hair irrespective of its condition and length.Head lice only affect humans and cannot be passed on to animals or be caught from them.A female head louse lays eggs by cementing them to hairs where they are kept warm by the scalp. After 7-10 days, the baby lice hatch and the empty eggshells remain glued in place. These remains are known as nits. Head lice feed by biting the scalp and feeding on blood. They take 6-10 days to become fully grown.A female head louse may start to lay eggs as early as seven days after she has hatched. So to break the cycle and stop them spreading, they need to be removed within seven days of hatching.In most cases, itching is the main symptom of head lice. It is not caused by the lice biting the scalp but by an allergy to the lice. However, not everyone experiences itching.


 [email protected] for any information needed.